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Leave me some character refs :0
Been wanting to practice some different shapes and experiment with chars ive never drawn before!
Preferably animals/dragons/dinos/fish monsters/etc. (No humans sorry!)
1-2 per person pls!

(Pleeas note that ill likely only pick one or two so plz don't be bummed!)
The Snow Leopards Gift
Random thing i did awhile ago that i decided to post. 
Played around with symmetry, and sort of wanted a stained glass look? I think it turned out pretty good :>
Experimented a lot with blending modes and just sort of had fun lol
EWS Adopts! 1/6 PTA OPEN
Omfg these took AGES
All pixel babs!
 Edit: guess i have to lower prices //sigh//

both babs in blue are Coastal Ezikien Water Striders. They are larger and more muscluar than common EWS, and there tail fin is upright, so they move their tail side to side instead of up and down. Their coloration is typically blues and greens, and their phosphorescent scales are much duller than other EWS, as they soend most of their time near the surface where they are less effective in stunning prey. The dullness however, does not hinder their ability to communicate with other water striders. 
2. AnzuNite 

Cavern Ezikien Water Stiders are very small and aggressive, choosing to live deep under water in darkness. They rarely come on land, usually only to lay eggs or after being driven out of territory. These EWS have the most and brightest lights of any other, They use them to hunt in the darkness, communicate, and attract a mate. Because so many animals living in the abyss use light-up lures, the cavern EWS also has several swirled and intricate lights along its sides to help other striders differentiate them from the average angler fish. 
1.100 points

Reef Ezikien Water Strider typically live near or within coral reefs. They are ambush predators, lying in wait between the beds of coral for an unlucky fish to swim by. Their coloration is normal dark, with highlights of pinks, oranges, reds, and yellows. They wedge themselves under rocks, using their darker colors to blend in, covering their bellies completely with dust and their own limbs, while letting their fins blend with the colors of the reef around them. Reef EWS often have very small bits of reef to themselves, and are constantly engaged in territory wars. Because of this, it is no strange thing to see Reef EWS swimming the open ocean, or preferring a life on land to the sea.

*i screwed up when saving the individual cavern files, so the caverns will not be transparent and will have the green background. Sorry )=

-Dont take credit for making the design or species
-you can choose name, gender, all that jazz, they're your character :>
-Use "BloopDoop" in your comment or it will be ignored!
-Feel free to change up the design a bit
-Please tag me in the first drawing you do with them, I'd love to see!
-Please join the group! SinestrianWildlife 

If youd like to participate in the DTA, there will be a comment below for the Costal and the Reef. Reply to the comment of the one you will be joining (you can only join one) so i know you're in!
-Please dont join and never submit an entry. I will be annoyed. (unless you tell me you cannot complete your entry :>)
-This may take a little while to get done, because i will need to wait until all entries are finished. 
-No NSFW drawings please. 
-Any Questions? Feel free to ask!

Closer look at the Coastals--->
Closer look at the Caverns--->
Closer look at the Reefs--->
Open Houndra Raffle [Free] (2) by SoulMakesDesigns
Look at this thing its amazing :0
go check it out!
Cas got your tongue?
i couldnt sleep at all last night ugh. I worked on this til about 130 am, then laid in bed until 5, waited for my mom to get up and then told her "oh whoops just woke up hah" and started work on this again lmao

Anyways here she ISSSSS
Cap'n Cas
I imagine whenever she talks she shows off her teeth a lot as intimidation.
Open Houndra Raffle [Free] (2) by SoulMakesDesigns
Look at this thing its amazing :0
go check it out!



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i mostly draw dragons/reptiles, but I've been really working on canine/feline animals as well as random poofy furred monsters.
My main goal is to eventually start a comic I've been working on called "Sinestra" which will hopefully start in March of 2017, but will most likely be pushed back to summer because of school.
Until I can get my comic started, expect a lot of random doodles and drawings, and an unending amount of OCs because I have this awful tendency to buy a lot of adopts

I've been drawing a long time and I've dabbled in several different mediums, and I'd be happy to pass on tips and tricks I've learned, so don't be afraid to ask!

Find me here too! I write shit!

Also here. Click my eggssssss

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